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  History   This site is dedicated to Theodosia - one of the most beautiful towns in the Crimea (Ukraine).
Theodosia is one of the oldest towns on our planet - it's over 2500 years old. Now Theodosia is the candidate to the members of The Association of Ancient Greek Mediterranean Ports. Turn to the "
History" page, and you'll learn about the brightest pages of Theodosia history.
Aivazovsky Picture Gallery

Modern Art Gallery

  Theodosia is famous for its talented artists. The name of the ingenious painter Aivazovsky is well known in the world. Look! Now you can visit Aivazovsky Picture Gallery on our site! And it's free - we save your money!
You can also get acquaint with our modern artists on the page
"Modern Art Gallery".
  Dovzhenko Medical Center   Theodosia is also known as the town where the genious doctor Alexandr Dovzhenko lived and worked. He succesfully cured alcoholism, drug addiction and smoking according to his own drug free method. Now his son doctor Roman Dovzhenko, the only specialist who got the juridically right of using this method and inherited the secrets of curing, lives and works in Theodosia. You are wellcome to visit Dovzhenko Medical Center on our site.
  Photo Collection  
And finally, our Photo Collection especially for you! These pictures were made by Feodosians, who love their native town. Look and fall in love with Theodosia!

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